Beginners – Using the simplest and best techniques ever created for guitaring, the beginners’ class explores how music works and what defines a musical style. The learning comprises:

-Knowledge of various types of guitars, guitaring styles and different genres of music.
– Scale concept, chord concept.
-Comparing the song to its scale.
-Knowing the fretboard notes, relating the guitar fretboard to other instruments,
-Scale formation in relation to frequencies, comparison to other learning styles ( eg: relation between Carnatic learners and western learner )

-Easy Chords with single finger and 2 fingers – with a great sound
-Playing Songs with simple chord progressions
-Easiest strumming methods, strumming along with a drummer.
-Study of major and minor Chords in every scale.
-Simple arpeggio exercises
-Famous Ten Chords progression which allows you to play hundreds of songs.

Study of major Scale and minor scales in different positions – (lead exercises)
-Riffs – Rock n Roll riffs, Smoke on the water riff etc
-Jamming along with the drummer and other players, singers.
-Learning 15+ popular rock songs
-Learning a few Indian songs too if the student wishes to.
-Getting ready to play in a basic band.

(The students will be) provided about 50 play-along tracks in the 1st module and pdf (tab sheets) of all the lessons.
(Students are) monitored by the same tutor (who has 10 years of teaching experience and 20 years of playing) so that they stay on track and learn progressively.

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